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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"

Elysian Bengals has a unique process of offering kittens. This is a process we strictly follow to avoid delaying families from finding the perfect kitten.

Inquiries are directed to fill out a kitten application. This allows us to get to know you and your family and ask a series of basic questions that can lead to further conversation. 

If your application is approved you will be placed on our waiting list (if we do not already have a kitten you are interested in) after a short contract is signed detailing the terms of the waiting list and the $200 fee is placed.

Our Premier Waiting List is a $200 non-refundable fee-based list.  This fee is applied to the deposit and purchase price of a kitten. It grants you exclusive access to planned pairings, pregnancy and birth announcements. When we have a litter you may be interested in we will contact you at the 2 week age mark to see if you want to join this litter’s waiting list. You will have access to exclusive and daily pictures, videos, information, and events via our Premier Kitten Club. This time period allows our families to learn about the kittens and follow their development, milestones and learn about their personalities to help you choose the perfect baby.

When the kittens are 5 weeks, they are evaluated and priced. Members of the list can then choose their kitten. You must choose or pass on the litter within 48 hours of being offered a kitten. 

If you DECLINE a kitten, you may be asked to be removed from the waiting lists (keep in mind the fee is non-refundable so please make sure you read through our site and ask any questions before placing this fee) or wait for another litter. If you choose to wait you will not lose your spot on the master waiting list. 

If you ACCEPT a kitten you will read and sign our official contract and place a deposit. We will send you our contract. It is a digital contract via signwell and does not require any downloading, printing, or mailing in. You are requested to read, ask questions then sign the contract. This must occur within 48 hours of accepting a kitten and receiving the contract. 

A remaining $300 deposit is due totaling a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your chosen kitten via an INVOICE ELYSIAN BENGALS SENDS. We accept card (ran through square), PayPal, and venmo. depending on the payment method service fees may be added.

​At this time their listed price is locked in. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason (unless determined otherwise by the breeder) and can be transferred to another kitten. If we feel a home is not right for a kitten we do reserve the right to cancel a deposit or sale at which time a full refund or a deposit transfer will be given. If the buyer cancels, the deposit can only be transferred to another kitten.

Once a kitten is fully reserved you will receive regularly updated pictures of your kitten and a live video will be recorded and published on the business weekly.​


Elysian Bengals are priced based on many factors such as Breed Standard Confirmation, color and pattern, temperament/personality, and of course the costs of running an ethical and responsible cattery. Some of our babies are magic pumpkins and will change over time thus prices will reflect this until a Full $500 deposit is put down. 

We offer a $100 service member discount or a $150 discount on multi kitten purchases including returning kitten owners. 

We accept Zelle, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Card and financing options.

Breeder reserves the right to keep kittens for their program before offering them to the waiting list.

Our prices are typically as follows for any color or pattern:


We recently have decided to retire from breeding. The remaining cats and kittens are priced between $250-$1000. They are simply retired breeding cats or older kittens but still come with everything our regularly priced kittens were. 




Prices can increase or decrease as the breeder seems fit  (until a kitten is reserved with a deposit) to reflect increases in operating costs to raise the kittens, changes in quality of kittens etc.

We reserve the right to keep a kitten for our program before offering them to the waitlist.

​We reserve the right to provide a replacement kitten to any previous kitten owner ahead of names appearing on the current waitlist.

​We do prioritize owners looking for two kittens and NR homes


Each kitten leaves Elysian Bengals with a 72 health guarantee as well as a lifetime congenital and HCM guarantee. You will have available to you copies of HCM, PRA-b and Pk-def results of their parents. 

You will have access to pictures of your new kitten from day one as well as:


-TICA registered


-Flea and Tick Treated

-Spayed or Neutered

-1 week Ration of raw food 

-Raw Feeding E-book and Soft Copy

-Elysian Bengals Hand Book E-book and soft copy

-Raw Feeding Info and Coupons

-Health information and product resources



-Microchipped through microchip ID Systems 

-30 Days of FREE no waiting period Pet Insurance through Trupanion

-5 Generation pedigree

-Full Spectrum test via Optimal Selection

-Scent Soaker Bib/blanket

-Silicone and wood teether

-Health Records

-Access to our Elysian Bengals CHATtery Page

-Unlimited support from Elysian 

-Exclusive Elysian Family Activities and Products such as Secret Santa Paws, yearly Calendar, Yearbook and more!


*Some items in the pack may need to be altered, omitted or added to account for certain travel/transport







Our kittens do not go to their new homes until 15 weeks of age. This is a set-in-stone policy. You can read about our Rehoming Policy here. 



The transport of our kittens is just as important as raising them right and finding them the purrfect home. Transport needs to be as low stress and fast as possible. They need to be taken care of on their trip in every way possible. We have very carefully planned how our kittens are transported to their new homes. We have compiled several options for our potential and new kitten owners’ who may not be able to meet us in North Carolina.


We are willing to drive in a 2-hour radius to meet you with your kitten for a  $100 fee.



Our friends at Haulin Paws Transport Services offer ground transport across the whole USA and are USDA certified. They provide a door to door service and keep customers updated constantly along the route.

Price will depend on location. (route minimum is $250, 35% deposit to book the spot)


Our friends at Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny are a team of flight attendants that fly our babies all over the United States typically on day trips. Prices will depends on location. ( $250 deposit, remaining due at pick up), additional $100 if drop off is not at Asheville Airport. Additional fee for carrier (around $35) and lunch box for food (typically $7)

*We do NOT ship via cargo

**Unfortunately, we cannot transport by train or bus at this time

***Transportation costs are NOT included in the price of our kittens.

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