Elysian Bengals have it all! We strive for the best Health, temperament, genetics, nutrition and conforma-tion to the standard.


Elysian Bengals are raised, socialized and loved in our own home until they are able to to go to their new home at around 15-16 weeks of age. 


Kittens do change over time so prices can change up until a full $500 deposit is made on a specific kitten.  


Each kitten leaves Elysian Bengals with a 72 health guarantee as well as a lifetime congenital guarantee for pet quality kittens. You will have available to you copies of HCM, PRA-b and Pk-def results of their parents. We will officially color test your kitten.













You will have access to pictures of your new kitten from day one either on cd or Flash Drive. each kitten will also come with:


-TICA registered


-Flea and Tick Treated

-Spayed or Neutered

-Ration of raw food supplied in part 

-Raw Feeding E-book and Soft Copy

-Elysian Bengals Hand Book E-book and soft copy

-Raw Feeding Info and Coupons

-Health information and product resources



-Microchipped through microchip ID Systems 

-30 Days of FREE no waiting period Pet Insurance through Trupanion

-5 Generation pedigree

-Full Spectrum test via Optimal Selection

-Scent Soaker Bib/blanket
-Silicone and wood teether


-Health Records

-Unlimited support from Elysian 


*Some items in the pack may need to be altered or omitted to account for certain travel/transport


Elysian Bengals are priced based on many factors such as Breed Standard Confirmation, color and pattern as well as temperament/personality in addition to costs required to care for and raise these beautiful babies.

Solids $1200 (solid) $1400 (patterned)
Browns $1400-$1600
Seal Lynx Point $1600-$1800
Silvers $1800-$2000
Silver Charcoal $1800-$2000

*Prices can increase or decrease as breeder seems fit  (until a kitten is reserved with a deposit) to reflect increases in operating costs to raise the kittens, changes in quality of kittens etc.


*Breeder reserves the right to keep a kitten for their program before offering them to the waitlist.












Waiting List Information

Prospective owners are welcome to fill out a Kitten Application. We will contact you either way but IF approved you will be added to one of two waiting lists of your choice. Our Standard fee-free waiting list or our paid Premier Waiting List 

We always contact our waiting list FIRST before kittens are offered to the public. We go in order that applications are accepted and base whom we contact-based off of what they are looking for per their application. For more information view our Purchase Process Information


Placing a deposit


After accepting a kitten we request to read, ask questions and sign our contract so we are on the same page. Once signed, a non-refundable $500 deposit can be placed to hold the kitten. The kitten cannot be offered or sold to anyone else and the price can not increase or decrease. If you decided you no longer want the kitten the deposit can be applied to another kitten.  

Elysian Bengals has the right to cancel any deposit and return it in full at any time 

Deposits are non Refundable if buyer backs out on a kitten for any reason



This kitten is no longer available and already has a home but still available to be drooled over


Under Evaluation

This kitten is still developing and is awaiting a final classification



This kitten will be joining our breeding program



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