"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"


  • Level 1

    Any Breeder/New Breeder who is eager to learn.
    • Measuring Up: Understanding and Applying the Breed Standard
    • Intro to Color Genetics
    • Mastering TICA Naming Terminology 
    • Cat Showing for Beginners
    • Intro to Feline Illness and Disease
    • Health Testing 101 and Beyond
    • Basic Birthing and Delivery Bootcamp
    • Mastering Housing and Enrichment
    • Zero To Hero: Complete Feline Welfare Guide
    • Intro to breeder, Breeder, Breed Preservationist
    • Foundations in Natural Rearing
  • Level 2

    Any Breeder Looking to Take their Program to the Next Level
    • Progressively Breeding: Choosing Your Program Cats
    • Birthing and Delivery Mentorship Program
    • All hours Birthing and Delivery Support
    • Playing with Punnett Squares
    • Advanced Color Genetics
    • Parents, Progeny and Pedigrees: Mastering Ancestry
    • Breeding Silvers: A Whole Other Ball Game
    • Charcoals: Welcoming the Darkness
    • Level Up as a Breeder: Outcrossing Genetic Diversity and COI
    • How to Master Money, Finances and Budgeting
    • Program Evaluations
    • Kitten Evaluations
  • Level 3

    Must unlock Level 1 and 2 + Mentor Evaluation
    • Perfecting Your Professional Presence
    • Constructing Contracts
    • Become a Marketing Guru
    • Becoming Social Media Savvy
    • Secrets to Website Design
    • Cuddle Up with your Camera: Taking the Purrfect Cat Photos
    • A-Z: The Ultimate Organization Guide

    • Executing an Emergency Plan