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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"

Current Available Courses
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A la carte Modules and full Mentorship Programs  COMING SOON!


  • Level 1

    Any Breeder/New Breeder who is eager to learn.
    • Measuring Up: Understanding and Applying the Breed Standard
    • Intro to Color Genetics
    • Mastering TICA Naming Terminology 
    • Cat Showing for Beginners
    • Intro to Feline Illness and Disease
    • Health Testing 101 and Beyond
    • Basic Birthing and Delivery Bootcamp
    • Mastering Housing and Enrichment
    • Zero To Hero: Complete Feline Welfare Guide
    • Intro to breeder, Breeder, Breed Preservationist
    • Foundations in Natural Rearing
  • Level 2

    Any Breeder Looking to Take their Program to the Next Level
    • Progressively Breeding: Choosing Your Program Cats
    • Birthing and Delivery Mentorship Program
    • All hours Birthing and Delivery Support
    • Playing with Punnett Squares
    • Advanced Color Genetics
    • Parents, Progeny and Pedigrees: Mastering Ancestry
    • Breeding Silvers: A Whole Other Ball Game
    • Charcoals: Welcoming the Darkness
    • Level Up as a Breeder: Outcrossing Genetic Diversity and COI
    • How to Master Money, Finances and Budgeting
    • Program Evaluations
    • Kitten Evaluations
  • Level 3

    Must unlock Level 1 and 2 + Mentor Evaluation
    • Perfecting Your Professional Presence
    • Constructing Contracts
    • Become a Marketing Guru
    • Becoming Social Media Savvy
    • Secrets to Website Design
    • Cuddle Up with your Camera: Taking the Purrfect Cat Photos
    • A-Z: The Ultimate Organization Guide

    • Executing an Emergency Plan
    • An Elysian Bengals Breeder Quality Kitten *After Evaluation*

Alexa Roriguez- Bougie Bengals

"I was lucky enough to meet Meghan in 2020. Her passion and knowledge of the Bengal breed really inspired me to learn as much as I could from her. She is always working to provide scientific research and new advances to benefit her and her mentees’ programs. “She has spent so many hours working with me to understand the many complicated aspects of genetics, the breed standard, specific traits, natural rearing, socializing and much more. She had plenty of reading material and pictures to help me understand certain concepts. She helped make any points that weren’t relatable easy to grasp. I met Meghan during a very difficult time and with her guidance, I now have several exciting goals that I’m working toward to improve my program. I recently started showing this year and she helped me every step of the way. As a newer breeder, it’s so nice to have support during the ups and downs. This would be great for new and seasoned breeders looking to continue their education. The amount of knowledge and support is invaluable and I highly recommend taking her course!"

Monique Peden - Sierra NV Bengals 

"Meghan brings valuable knowledge and skills to the table, offering guidance and sharing her expertise with others. Meghan is an avid researcher, combining her own experiences with the knowledge gained from research and is able to easily communicate that research and knowledge to others. She has been extremely helpful in animal husbandry and providing guidance in situations that I have not yet encountered. She is also extremely knowledgeable in genetics and nutrition, not only for cats but for other species of animals. Meghan puts 110% in everything she does and I trust her mentorship completely."

Kadilyn Renee Roragen - The Rhine Bengals

"Although Meghan and I have been breeding for about the same amount of time, I have grown to rely on her in times of advice and guidance. Her ability to amass knowledge and share it in an understandable and easy to process way is unrivaled. The information she has accumulated in these courses is astounding, and a priceless tool for any breeder!"


Kendra Trainer - Unique Beautiful Bengals of Kansas City

"A few years ago, I made the acquaintance of a kindred Bengal preservationist in Meghan Waals. As we go to know one another through our shared experiences and individual success and trials in our given field of expertise, it became evident how devoted to her breeding program she was. She had a mission to see the betterment of the overall health of the Bengal breed, as well as the drive and dedication to educate others. I learned of her Certification in Carnivore Nutrition, and absorbed the MANY resources she had created to help others understand proper nutrition for our feline obligate carnivores. She held a vast depth of knowledge and continued to build on that with a fiery passion, seeking out everything she could to increase her knowledge, only to turn around and freely share that knowledge and new found wisdom selflessly with others. With countless hours of research, she summarized her findings in various easy to understand articles. She was bold and unafraid to touch on topics many breeders shy away from sharing, but are important none the less to know about, those hard to handle situations that pull at the heart strings of breeders and can make or break the best of us in a working cattery, the real-life challenges of sickness, genetic issues, the weight many decisions that fall upon a breeder’s shoulders, the financial considerations among many other topics. I found the research projects she was participating in regarding feline color genetics (specifically the Asian Leopard Cat Agouti Gene) fascinating and her depth of understanding of the finer details in color and health genetics thrilling to discuss. The outstanding work she oversaw that had begun with her mentor and continued through her own lines working with Silver genetics, as well as her commitment to outcrossing was beyond incredible. When I learned of her commitment to creating a learning course, a Mentorship Program, I was beyond excited. She has such a talent in educating and the background to back it, it just made sense. I highly recommend Meghan Waals and her mentorship program to anyone wishing to further their knowledge and the success of their cattery. She is the epitome of what most ethical breeders strive for, is more than qualified in my very humble opinion to provide these incredible educational courses for those that are striving to go further in their own education, beginning with the basics. I know Meghan will do well and wish her all all my support and very best on this new endeavor!"

Jennifer Ostero 

"As someone who has lost a young bengal due to cancer, I began a search for a natural rearing breeder, which led me to Meghan at Elysian Bengals.  Through our conversations leading up to me purchasing a kitten, all of my questions were answered thoroughly.   I started realizing that there are no breeders in Canada who even touch on the expertise that Meghan has!   As time went on, I realized that I would like to learn how to breed bengals the way Meghan does it.  From sharing information on genetic testing to raw feeding, to setting up your cattery, she has been an amazing mentor.   She doesn't hold anything as proprietary as far as knowledge goes.   From showing me how she plans and tracks breedings and colour genetics, to how she assesses kittens, I feel as if I have a good understanding of where to start in creating a cattery that is specific to bengals.    I wish every dog and cat breeder had the mastery of Meghan!"

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