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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"

In addition to Silvers, Elysian Bengals also specialize in charcoals. This expression comes in all colors and patterns. 


A charcoal is a Bengal Cat that has overall darker expression, "Zorro" mask on their face, white goggles encircling the eyes, and a dark wide dorsal stripe or "cape" running down the length of their back.


The gene responsible for this expression comes from the one and only Asian Leopard Cat, the wild cat that helped to formulate our breed. We are enamored by their unique beauty. Two of our first cats CH Silverstorm Crown Jewels aka Cortana and Naples All-Father of Elysian aka Vaaldir are charcoals

From the start, we felt this pattern effect was unique but while they have been around since the beginning of the breed, they were actually not officially recognized by TICA despite many breeders breeding for this trait. So we dedicated ourselves to the advancement of this pattern effect not only into the breed standard and show hall but in our program and being involved in genetic research to help learn more about this wonderful trait.


One theory is that Charcoals can only have a genetic color code of APb/a (Asian Leopard cat agouti + domestic agouti) however after producing many APb/APb Charcoals we decided this outdated idea needed to change. We embarked on a two year journey to change the standard.

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