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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"

In addition to Silver Charcoals and our Outcross Program, we specialize in Silvers (which heavily ties into our outcross program). The coloring is actually a color modification as it takes a brown-based cat and adds the Inhibitor gene to inhibit or mute warm tones. 


A Silver Bengal is ideally a Bengal Cat that has over an overall white or grey base color with dark dense black markings. You may see silvers that are soft silver or fading. These cats tend to be a grey on grey, where the contrast is low or the black pigment of the markings doesn't hold the pigment. Some start off with dark dense markings but later fade. 

Rowan Frozen Flame aka Zen

Other silver are born with dark dense markings and keep them for their lifetime

Rowan Maverick by Design of Elysian aka Maeve (Zen's daughter)


Both are considered silvers of course but the above is the ideal expression. 


To aid in achieving this expression it is important we focus on silvers and silver variants. Breeding silvers to silvers that express appropriately helps to maintain these cold hard, darkly marked silvers. In addition to ensuring our silvers have nice dark dense markings, we work hard to avoid tarnish. tarnish is are warm tones that appear often on the face, but can bleed all over the body or overtime made a silver look like a cool-toned brown cat. This can happen when breeding silvers to browns.

                             Rystall (Fractal Starkiller Echo of Elysian x CH Leopardspride Sessrumir of Rowan)


Our mentor Joshua Dabbs previous of Rowan Bengals. Is a huge player in the world of silvers. Not only did he specialize in them himself, lending all his knowledge to us, but he has written many articles on the topic, several of which have been published, but he also has educated on the importance of outcrossing to diversify the extremely small gene pool. This is where our outcross program comes into play.



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