Socialization is one of the key components at Elysian Bengals in raising our Bengal babies. Socializing is so important for personal development as well as social development. The goal is to have our kittens feel mentally prepared and mature to go to their new homes so that their stress levels are as low as possible, they adjust to their new homes quickly, and are able to bond with their new owners as soon as possible. In addition, it prepares them for new things they have never encountered before allowing them to adjust quickly.  

Here at Elysian Bengals, we do our best to provide various stimulating enrichment and experiences for optimum development until 15-16 weeks when they go to their new homes.

From birth, our kittens are handled regularly by both myself and my husband using many technics seen in Puppy Culture. Throughout their time with us, they may be exposed to close family, friends and children as to experience different smells, voices, touch etc.


After their eyes open the kittens begin experiencing different textures towels, fleece blankets, hardwood floors etc.


Shortly after when their ears begin to open the kittens will begin to be exposed to a variety of sounds and noises such as classical music, birds and nature, various voices (men, women, children, babies) other animals, weather, and more. We will also be exposing them to various smells as well throughout this time.


Around this time, we also begin playing with their paws, mouth, and ears so they can begin getting used to possible ear cleaning, nail cutting, and other examinations by owners, judges and/or veterinarians.


Once the kittens are weaned, they will begin eating the same raw species-appropriate diet as their mother and the other cats in our cattery. While in our care they will be provided with a variety of meat, organs, and bones to enhance their palette ensuring they can be fed a variety of proteins and textures for a nutritious life.


Once the kittens have strong immune systems they will begin experiencing car rides and visits to local pet stores under extreme careful supervision.


Other socialization and enrichment include access to various types of toys, jingly balls, balls on tracks, crinkly tunnels, cat trees, cat wheels, feather toys, other teaser toys and much more.


Finally, we love to accommodate (within reason) so if you would like us to start harness training or your kitten will be a show cat, we are more than happy to begin working with them during their time with us!


Below is an extensive list of things we try to expose our kittens too. If there is an opportunity for something new we won't hesitate to include that as well!






























































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