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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"

Socialization is one of the key components at Elysian Bengals in raising our Bengal babies. Socializing is so important for not only for personal development but social development. The primary goal is to have our kittens feel mentally prepared and mature to go to their new homes so that their stress levels are as low as possible, they adjust to their new homes quickly, and are able to bond with their new owners as soon as possible. In addition, it prepares them for new things they have never encountered before allowing them to navigate a new situation with little stress or worry.  

Here at Elysian Bengals, we do our best to provide various stimulating enrichment and experiences for optimum development until 15-16 weeks when they go to their new homes. We take many principles of exposure from Puppy Culture but have begun to develop our own methods to further improve the process. 

Our socialization begins as soon as our babies are born. While we leave most birthing and rearing up to mom, they do allow us to handle the babies immediately and often request be involved. 

Our kittens are handled regularly throughout the day and experience early neural stimulation from day one. At each developmental stage, we add new stimuli which include targeting touch, sight, smell, sound, taste, textures, and experiences involving other humans, animals, cars rides, basic care (baths, nailing cutting, brushing etc.), and more.

Our socialization program also creates a basis to help promote natural behaviors in our kittens that show signs of being fantastic emotional support or therapy animals for those looking for a kitten that can fulfill this role in their family's lives.

Below is an extensive list of things we try to expose our kittens too. If there is an opportunity for something new we won't hesitate to include that as well!

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