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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"

Elysian Bengals takes the preservation of the Bengal Breed to a whole other level.  Not only is the goal to produce impeccable Bengals as loving and beautiful household companions but through genetic research, outcrossing, unsurpassable socialization and impeccable nutrition, we are setting up our breed for a long and healthy history for centuries to come. We feel getting into the nitty gritty of the breed is really what advances not only the individual Bengal, but the breed as a whole. Elysian Bengals focus on quality not quantity, taking our job and responsibility seriously as Breed Preservationists. 


Elysian means "being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods" and that is exactly our over arcing goal. We achieve this in several key ways:



Health is incredibly important for any living being. If a creature is not healthy they cannot live a happy and fulfilling life. All our bengals, in cattery and kittens are evaluated and recorded on a regular basis for health. We are proud advocates for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) as well as Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK-Def) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-b) screenings to ensure our bengals are free of these diseases. We further run random Respiratory PCR's fecals and genetically test all our cats and kittens with Wisdom Panel.

Although not every bengal will do therapy work or enter the show ring, a great out going, social and loving personality is characteristic of the breed. We strive for our bengals to be an integral part of every family, not fleeing the scene and hiding from sight. All of our cattery inhabitants and kittens are in constant human contact, handled regularly and get personalized tender, love and care. Elysian Bengals are exposed to various experiences including other cats and animals, traveling in the car, visiting pet stores and people of all kinds including children, the elderly and those with disabilities.


In order to truly produce impeccable Bengals that not only advance the individual but breed, one needs an understanding of Bengal genetics. Genetics is integral for maintaining health as well as producing kittens with specific characteristics that exemplify the characteristics of the Bengal. At Elysian Bengals every pairing is carefully planned with a purpose. We perform genetic testing, work with genetic researchers to understand our breed and explore outcrossing to improve genetic diversity, bring in lost traits and increase overall health and vigor in our program.


Nutrition is the fuel of life. Without the proper diet, domestic cats of all kinds cannot live to their full potential or function 100%. They are merely surviving versus thriving. This is exactly why our Bengals are fed a species-appropriate and balanced diet of raw meat, organs, and bones. We take our Bengals' nutrition very seriously and make sure each of our cats is the perfect advocate for Prey Model Raw Feeding.



Although brilliant colored eyes, colorful coats and spots are characteristic of the breed, there is certainly more to it than flash. With moving the breed forward, it is important to Elysian Bengals that the standard is followed while going with the flow as the breed develops into the perfect domestic cat! This is also why we choose to show our cats. Not only are they evaluated by our cattery, but they are evaluated by countless judges who know the standard to a T as well.




It is also important we continue to advanced the breed in other ways and as well as society as a whole. We remain involved in the cat world by participating in various non-invasive genetic studies to learn about illness disease and genetics as well as reach out to the researchers to develop our own research projects including working with Ph.D. Christopher Kaelin at Stanford University to learn more about the APb gene. We also remain heavily involved in TICA not only by showing our cats on a hobby level but also by improving the standard which has involved dedicating two years to petition the acceptance of the Charcoal Pattern Effect ultimately changing the standard in May of 2020. 



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