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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"


Nuka was just recently neutered and will be ready for his forever home soon. He is an April Fools baby born in 2021. He has an amazing straight profile, beautiful thick tail and many wild features all packed into a dense G7 body.
He is a beautiful Black Silver Spotted (tabby) out of some wonderful lines that focus on the early generation and wild type look such as GulfBeach and DreamOn Bengals as well as outcross lines from Rowan Bengals.

He is as healthy as can be, never been sick and was last Screened HCM Normal (meaning no sign of HCM or heart disease) October 3, 2022 by Peggy Sayer at CARE Charlotte NC.

Nuka enjoys running on the cat wheel and the company of other cats that are more grounded, not high strung, hyper or overly dominant. He is a very affectionate love bug and will stretch, roll around and come snuggle and purr in your lap. He is strictly on a species appropriate raw diet like all our cats and is not picky on the protein or texture.

He is slower to warm up but once you are on his side he is golden and extremely cute, affectionate and loving. Nuka doesn’t do well in catios nor entertain the idea of time outside on leash, in a stroller etc. He will do better in a quieter home and potentially one that may be an apartment or on the smaller side.

He is looking for his forever home for a favorable offering with an additional incentive if he finds a home with one of our other kittens.

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