The bengal breed comes in many unique patterns. TICA currently simply recognizes spotted and marbled however the bengal community has develop its own lexicon of pattern types. At this time there are no "formal" definitions however researchers like PhD Christopher Kaelin are working on defining these pattern types more specifically and hopefully finding a genetic basis for them as well. 

Some cats may only have one pattern type while others may have a mixture of patterns painted on their pelt.


Spots are filled in solid. The color of the spot is often a different color than the base color of the cat.

Doughnut Spotted Pattern
Paw Print Spotted Pattern
Arrowhead Spotted Pattern
Chaining Spotted Pattern
Cloud Pattern
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Rosettes are like spots but two-toned and not filled in solid. The outer darker ring is a different color than inside the rosette and the base color of the cat

Doughnut Pattern
Pawprint Pattern
Arrowhead Pattern
Chaining Pattern
Cloud Pattern
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Marble comes from the blotched gene. It presents as a pretty swirly pattern were spots and rosettes are connected. Ideally, you want an open pattern with no indication of a bullseye which indicates patterns seen in domestic cats.

Open Marble Pattern
Closed Marble Pattern
Sheet Marble Pattern
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Sparble is a pattern that is a mix of rosetted and marbled

Sparble Pattern
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