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Wonderful Show in Raleigh NC!

We had a phenomenal time at Its TICA Time Cat show in Raleigh, NC this weekend with our good friends Lori D Sakura of Sakura Bengalsand Stephanie Jarman of Mount Olympus Bengals.

Cortana our silver charcoal, owned by us and bred by Elizabeth Smith of Silverstorm Bengals got first and second all weekend, two first best in breed, one third best in breed, a 9th place final and won the congress honoring Wendy Simmes who sadly passed recently. Cortana made her CHAMPION title this weekend!

Ragnarok our silver seal lynx point bred and owned by us, one of Echo and Rummi’s sons, placed first all weekend with two third best in breed, six second best in breed and one first best in breed. He just needs one final to make his champion title.

Lyra a brown spotted bred by us, owned by Lori Denley and Ragnarok’s sister got first, second and third places this weekend with a third best in breed, one first best in breed and a 7th place final resulting in her CHAMPION title.

This was both Ragnarok and Lyra’s first shows!

We are so proud of our babies and their achievements thus far! Thank you to their breeders and owners and the judges time and comments this weekend!

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