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Elysian Bengals are priced based on many factors such as Breed Standard Confirmation, color and pattern as well as temperament/personality. Many of our babies are magic pumpkins and will change over time thus prices will reflect this until a deposit is put down. If you are curious as too what a kitten may look like, take a peek at some of our cats' own transformations


Kittens can have a deposit put on them no earlier than 2 weeks of age. At this time their listed price is locked in. a deposit will only be accepted after a kitten application is completed and approved. Deposits are non-refundable (unless determined otherwise by the breeder) and can be transferred to another kitten. If we feel a home is not right for a kitten we do reserve the right to cancel a deposit or sale at which time a full refund or a deposit transfer will be given. If the buyer cancels the deposit, it can only be transferred to another kitten.


Breeder reserves the right to keep a kitten for their program before offering them to the waitlist.

Deposits for pet kittens are $200 (depending on payment method service fees may be added)


Pet Quality

There are many reasons a kitten may be categorized as pet quality such as a tail kink, an odd pattern or an irregular head type  but this does not mean they are not healthy, have a good temperament or will not make a fantastic companion

Alter Show Quality

This cat is one that exemplifies the breed standard or comes very close to it with a fantastic personality making them ideal candidates for entering the show ring. This cat is not for breeding simply for showing or a beautiful house cat.

Show/Breeder Quality

This cat is one that exemplifies the breed standard or comes very close to it with characteristics that have great potential for advancing the breed. They also have great temperaments and are in excellent health.


This kitten is no longer available and already has a home but still available to be drooled over

Under Evaluation

This kitten is still developing and is awaiting a final classification


This kitten will be joining our breeding program


Positive Vibes Litter

Born: August 26th, 2019

Accepting Deposits: September 30th

We love Elsa and Vaaldir babies! They are some of the sweetest babies. Many have gone to homes as Emotional Support Animals. To boot they are beautiful often developing wonderful contract and medium-sized rosettes.


LOTUS is a BEAUTIFUL Seal Spotted Lynx (tabby) Point (possibly Seal Silver Spotted) female.  She is named after the lotus flower, With its roots based in mud, it submerges every night into murky river water, and—undeterred by its dirty environment—it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals, it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth.  She is beautiful.  Lotus is a little sassy diva and will surely be the princess of her new family. She can be identified with a light blue collar and the first born to this litter.



HARMONY is a BEAUTIFUL Seal Spotted Lynx (tabby) Point (possibly Seal Silver Spotted) female.  She is named after the ability to Be in peace with others which continues out positive vibes theme.  She is beautiful and definitely fiesty girl already.  She can be identified with a yellow collar and the second born to this litter.



BRAVO is a handsome Seal Spotted Lynx (tabby) Point (possibly Seal Silver Spotted) male.  He is named after the expression used to show pleasure and admiration.  He is handsome already and expected to look like his older brother Ciaran from Elsa and Vaaldir's Frozen Litter. Bravo is a curious little guy. He can be identified with a grey collar and the third born to this litter.