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Elysian Bengals are priced based on many factors such as Breed Standard Confirmation , color and pattern as well as temperament/personality. Many of our babies are magic pumpkins and will change over time thus prices will reflect this until a deposit is put down. If you are curious as too what a kitten may look like, take a peek at some of our cats' own transformations




Kittens can have a deposit put on them no earlier than 2 weeks of age. At this time their listed price is locked in. a deposit will only be accepted after a kitten application is completed, approved. and a contract has been reviewed and signed. Deposits are non-refundable (unless determined otherwise by the breeder) and can be transferred to another kitten. If we feel a home is not right for a kitten we do reserve the right to cancel a deposit or sale at which time a full refund or a deposit transfer will be given. If the buyer cancels the deposit, it can only be transferred to another kitten.


Breeder reserves the right to keep a kitten for their program before offering them to the waiting list.

Deposits for pet kittens are $200 (depending on payment method service fees may be added)


Rehoming: Our kittens do not go to their new homes until 14-16 weeks of age. This is a set in stone policy. You can read about our Rehoming Policy here. Keep in mind there are stipulations for those who arrange for their kitten to be taken home at 14 weeks. 



Please review our Purchasing a Kitten Page for more information 



Trees Litter

Born: September 26th, 2019

Ready for Deposit: October 31st


ASPEN (ASS-PEN) is a stunning Seal Silver Spotted Lynx (Tabby) female. Aspen is named after the tree which is not only known for the trembling of its leaves in minimal breeze but its very deep and strong roots. She is one of the smaller of the girls but growing at a great weight. Aspen loves to snuggle on your lap any time any day. We expect her to have a nice long, lean and dense body. We do not know Aspen's birth order but she can be identified with a red collar. 


















Aspen 16 weeks
Aspen 13 weeks
Aspen 12 weeks
Aspen 11 weeks
Aspen 10 weeks
Aspen 9 weeks
Aspen 8 weeks
Aspen 6 weeks
Aspen 5 weeks
Aspen 4 weeks
Aspen 3 weeks
Aspen 2 weeks


NASH (N-ASH) is a handsome Seal Silver Spotted Lynx (Tabby) male. Nash is named after the tree ... found in game theory. in which the optimal outcome of a game is one where no player has an incentive to deviate from his chosen strategy after considering an opponent's choice. He is the smallest of the boys but has surpassed past litters of the same number. He is a sweet little guy with a funny personality already. He is very playful as well. I absolutely love his curious eyes. What a beautiful boy! We are not sure what order Nash in but he can be identified with a orange collar.





















Nash 17 weeks
Nash 16 weeks
Nash 13 weeks
Nash 12 weeks
Nash 11 weeks
Nash 10 weeks
Nash 9 weeks
Nash 8 weeks
Nash 6 weeks
Nash 5 weeks
Nash 4 weeks
Nash 3 weeks
Nash 2 weeks


SEQUOIA (SEE-COY-AH) is a very nicely developing Black Silver Spotted tabby female. Sequoia is named after the tree which is one of the largest and rarest trees due to it only being located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She is only one of two silvers in a litter of primarily silver seal lynxes. We are excited to see what she develops into. At this time she is one of the bigger kittens but her personality is very sweet, laid back and calm.  We are not sure what Sequoia's birth order is but she can be identified with a yellow colored collar.


Sequoia 16 weeks
Sequoia 13 weeks
Sequoia 12 weeks
Sequoia 11 weeks
Sequoia 10 weeks
Sequoia 6 weeks
Sequoia 8 weeks
Sequoia 6 weeks
Sequoia 5 weeks
Sequoia 4 weeks
Sequoia 3 weeks
Sequoia 2 weeks


Kezia 13 weeks
Kezia 12 weeks
Kezia 11 weeks
Kezia 10 weeks
Kezia 9 weeks
Kezia 8 weeks
Kezia 6 weeks
Kezia 5 weeks
Kezia 4 weeks
Kezia 3 weeks
Kezia 2 weeks

KEZIA (KEZ-ZEE-AH) is a Black Silver Spotted tabby female. Kezia is a modified name for the Cassia tree which is known for its really beautiful yellow flowers. She is the second silver in this litter of primarily silver seal lynxes. Just like her sister, Sequoia she is extremely relaxed and laid back. She is also one of the biggest kittens in this litter as well. We are not sure what order she was born in but she can be identified with a green collar!

reserved for Shelby and Austin


Ellery 13 weeks
Ellery 12 weeks
Ellery 11 weeks
Ellery 10 weeks
Ellery 9 weeks
Ellery 8 weeks
Ellery 6 weeks
Ellery 5 weeks
Ellery 4 weeks
Ellery 3 weeks
Ellery 2 weeks

ELLERY (L-ER-Y) is Seal Silver Spotted Lynx tabby Male. Ellery means Dwells by the alder trees or island with elder trees. We just love those cute little whisker pads and chunky body and big round head! he likes to be cuddled and will demand your attention. He also loves him back legs to be scratched and tickled. We are not sure in what order he was born but he can be identified with a light brown collar!






















Kitten Application
Lennox 13 weeks
Lennox 12 weeks
Lennox 11 weeks
Lennox 10 weeks
Lennox 9 weeks
Lennox 8 weeks
Lennox 6 weeks
Lennox 5 weeks
Lennox 4 weeks
Lennox 3 weeks
Lennox 2 weeks

LENNOX (LEN-N-EX) is Seal Silver Spotted  Lynx tabby male. Lennox is a scottish and gaelic name meaning "with many elm trees". He is probably one of the biggest kittens we have right now. He is just one big teddy bear. He is chunky and has a. huge head with huge round eyes! He tends to be a very independent and chill guy. We aren't sure in what order Lennox was born but he can be identified with a brown collar!























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