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Elysian Bengals are priced based on many factors such as Breed Standard Confirmation , color and pattern as well as temperament/personality. Many of our babies are magic pumpkins and will change over time thus prices will reflect this until a deposit is put down. If you are curious as too what a kitten may look like, take a peek at some of our cats' own transformations




Kittens can have a deposit put on them no earlier than 2 weeks of age. At this time their listed price is locked in. a deposit will only be accepted after a kitten application is completed, approved. and a contract has been reviewed and signed. Deposits are non-refundable (unless determined otherwise by the breeder) and can be transferred to another kitten. If we feel a home is not right for a kitten we do reserve the right to cancel a deposit or sale at which time a full refund or a deposit transfer will be given. If the buyer cancels the deposit, it can only be transferred to another kitten.


Breeder reserves the right to keep a kitten for their program before offering them to the waiting list.

Deposits for pet kittens are $200 (depending on payment method service fees may be added)


Rehoming: Our kittens do not go to their new homes until 14-16 weeks of age. This is a set in stone policy. You can read about our Rehoming Policy here. Keep in mind there are stipulations for those who arrange for their kitten to be taken home at 14 weeks. 



Please review our Purchasing a Kitten Page for more information 



Inheritance Trilogy Litter

Born: September 20th, 2018

Read to go home: January 10th


Nadara (NAH-DAR-AH) is a stunning cool toned Brown (black) Spotted tabby female. She is already quite contrasted with a tight knot, and silky soft pelt like her momma, Echo. She has beautiful round eyes (when they are open all the way) and adorable freckles aside the bridge of her nose and on her whisker pads. We expect her to have a nice long, lean and dense body. Nadara was the first or second born in this litter and can be identified with a pink collar. 



















Nadara 32 weeks
Nardara 30 weeks
Nadara 28 weeks
Nadara 28 weeks
Nadara 27 weeks
Nadara 26 weeks
Nadara 25 weeks
Nadara 22 weeks
Nadara 21 weeks
Nadara 19 weeks
Nadara 17 weeks
Nadara 16 weeks
Nadara 14 weeks
Nadara 12 weeks
Nadara 11 Weeks
Nadara 9 weeks
Nadara 8 weeks
Nadara 7 weeks
Nadara 5 weeks
Nadara 4 weeks
Nadara 3 weeks
Nadara 2 weeks


Bregan (BREE-G-en) is a beautiful Black Silver Spotted tabby female. Like the other kittens in this litter she has a beautifully contrasted pelt, which is silky soft and tight knit just like her momma. I absolutely love her big puffy whisker pads. What a beautiful girl! Bregan is the first or second born to this litter and can be identified with a yellow collar.























Bregan 14 weeks
Bregan 12 weeks
Bregan 11 Weeks
Bregan 9 weeks
Bregan 8 weeks
Bregan 7 weeks
Bregan 5 weeks
Bregan 4 weeks
Bregan 3 weeks
Bregan 2 weeks


Neya (KNEE-AH) is a very nicely developing Seal Silver Spotted Lynx (tabby) point female. We expect her to look just like her brother, Ragnarok (previously known as Lux) from Echo's last litter. Neya also has a silky soft, tight-knit pelt showered with glitter. Neya is the third born in this fantastic litter and can be identified with a mint colored collar.

reserved for Chris

Neya 17 weeks
Neya 16 weeks
Neya 14 weeks
Neya 12 weeks
Neya 11 Weeks
Neya 9 weeks
Neya 8 weeks
Neya 7 weeks
Neya 5 weeks
Neya 4 weeks
Neya 3 weeks
Neya 2 weeks


Calitha (CAH-LEE-TH-AH) is Black Silver Spotted tabby female. We just love those cute little whisker pads and sassy meow! SHe is contrasting nicely with nice pattern flow. Her silk soft, tight-knit coat is to die for just like her siblings and her momma, Echo. Calitha is the sixth born in this awesome litter and can be identified with a purple collar!





















Calitha 17 weeks
Calitha 16 weeks
Calitha 14 weeks
Calitha 12 weeks
Calitha 11 Weeks
Calitha 9 weeks
Calitha 8 weeks
Calitha 7 weeks
Calitha 5 weeks
Calitha 4 weeks
Calitha 3 weeks
Calitha 2 weeks
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