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Advanced Color Genetics

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There is more to understanding what the genetic codes mean, but how they combine and express in the phenotype or outward physical appearance of the actual cat. This module will go in more depth than our Intro to Color Genetics giving you a more concrete understanding of how this applies to your program and how you can utilize these skills to make your program the best it can be now and in the future. This module is a complementary module to Intro to Color. We will go in further depth on color and pattern genetics from what was discussed in the Intro module, combining what we know about Punnett Squares, the intricacies of progressive breeding and perpetuating traits as well as eliminating unwanted traits to continue to push your program forward in a positive direction. This information goes far beyond what most breeder websites provide. This module covers the scientific reasons these genes act the way they do and what influences them to do so. This information is not widely available or easy to find and provides a more rounded and educated yet easy to understand approach to color genetics and how they apply to the Bengal breed.

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