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Becoming a Genetics Guru

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Understanding genetics, punnett squares, inheritance, colors, patterns and more are essential foundational skills any breeder should have. Take a step further and learn more in-depth information on the intricacies of Charcoals and Silvers and finally step up your game by evaluating outcrossing, genetic diversity and COI to take your program to another level helping you stand out amongst the sea of breeders. These skills will help in planning the best pairings, evaluating your program and reaching a level that will contribute to the overall breed in a positive way, creating a long lasting impact in the fancy. This course will include: Intro to Color and Pattern Genetics Advanced Color and Pattern Genetics Playing with Punnett Squares Breeding Silvers: A Whole Other Ball Game Charcoals: Welcoming the Darkness Level Up as a Breeder: Outcrossing, Genetic Diversity and COI This course includes exclusive information that is not available anywhere else and written by the top breeders with extensive hands on experience, involvement and knowledge on Silver, Charcoal and Outcrossing.

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