5 Degrees of Separation: Preventing the Spread of Illness and Disease

We all have been there. Illness and disease has come through our catteries. We can be as careful as possible and do everything right but there are too many variables to avoid it all and you certainly can’t just ignore them. While these are the things we don’t like to talk about, they exist. There is plenty of information out there instructing breeders on how to test and treat for hundreds of bacteria, viruses and other ickies we all don’t want to deal with but the real question is how to prevent its spread when we DO have something going around?

There are five areas of focus that are important to think about when tackling the What Now? These areas include Cleaning, Your physical cattery set up, Clothing attire and footwear, Outside sources, and The Veterinarian.

First up is The Clean Freak Cleaning is typically the obvious answer to prevent and control illness and disease. There is a gentle balance in regards to keeping your cattery clean and not creating a sterile bubble in which your kittens can never get sick except when they leave that bubble. Being a cattery you are much more susceptible to stressors that can get your cats and kittens sick but having them live in a bubble actually makes them more likely to get ill if they happen to come across a pathogen or disease organism. So yes please clean your surfaces and fabrics but also be aware of the cleaning products

that are being used. Many can be just as damaging and detrimental as illness and disease. Chemical cleaners include many chemicals (surprise) that are linked to cancer, impairment of reproductive and hormonal function, breathing difficulties and lung damage, cause chemical burns or result in toxicity. These effects are often cumulative and with limited regulation and lack of more extensive studies on the long term effects outside cancer research, it’s a gray area.

For more information check out our Blog Article Natural Cleaning Solutions That being said there is a balance between natural and conventional. There are some situations where you just have to go all out and kill the virus, bacteria or whatever is plaguing your cattery to get on top of things. If you do have to use a more heavy duty product make sure your babies and adults are out of the room, use plenty of ventilation and do not bring anyone back in until everything is not only dry but any lingering smells are completely out of the room. I highly recommend Rescue Products. Its main active ingredient is accelerated hydrogen peroxide and is readily used in veterinary hospitals and clinics, killing