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10 Toys Elysian Bengals Cats LOVE!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Enrichment and Stimulation are essential for any cat especially our very intelligent Bengal Cats and kittens who can be a little naughty without it. We are always being asked about the cats and kittens favorite toys and cat products. We sure aren’t short on product testers so here is our list. 1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves and structures are one of the most beneficial things you can do especially if you have limited space. These offer vertical space that otherwise would only displace still picture frames. Why not add some moving art? There are options to bought premade shelves some with some really nice modern touches such as these

But they can really burn a hole in your pocket. If you don’t mind a little elbow grease making your own from wood plants, shelving brackets and carpet you are ready to deck out your space like we did with sturdy, easy to assembly and cost effective floating shelves that match your style and provide your babies for some awesome climbing and sleeping spaces. 2. Cat Wheel When these first came out, I thought they were the dumbest things. Why would a cat need a hamster wheel? Boy was I wrong. Even our domestic cats love the cat wheel. Bengals are high energy cats and need several sources for burning that stored up energy. It’s great if you have an apartment, catio or small space as well. Kind of like a treadmill but for cats. There are two major brands One Fast Cat and Ferris Cat Wheel

3. Ball Tower

This toy is awesome and provides so much unique enrichment. Not only do you have three tiers or balls providing hours of fun fine motor skills, you can replace the ping pong light balls with jingle balls for added stimulation, but many of the kittens like rolling it around on its side and chase it around the room. This is my favorite one.

I have tried a few but this one has held up the most to the Bengal antics. The tiers don’t come apart, the balls are quality and there are not extra holes or slots that they babies can get their paws stuck in.

4. Rope Chair Swing

These macrame children’s swings are decorative and come in many colors and designs AND the cats absolutely love them! When they aren’t swinging themselves to sleep they are swinging and climbing the sides of the chairs and the ropes. Even the tassels are a fun toy to hide behind before ambushing siblings. It also holds a fair amount of human weight as well. This probably was the second best purchase that I made for the cattery.

5. Feather toys and worms on a pole Probably one of the more common and well known cat toys these are the stable to any cat home. We love the ones that are a rod with clip on attachments. Many include feathers, strings, bells, worms and many more enticing play things. They are far reaching so you don’t even have to get up to see some high flying, cat flipping, prey hunting action.

6. Spring Toys

Other than pens, hair ties and pipe cleaners, these spring toys are probably one of the least expensive toys, good thing because just like pens, hair ties and pipe cleaners, they go missing in no time so folks regularly check under your couches, stoves and refrigerators (insert laugh here). These simple toys are great for carrying around, bouncing and skidding across the floor or throwing into a water for water play. They come in two sizes (we like the thicker ones) and different colors (depending on where you live).

7. Ripple Rug

This to part “rug” is a perfect simulation to feet under the comforter. The top rug complete with various size holes velcros to the bottom solid rug to create endless options for tunnels, hills and valleys. The velcro allows you to create your own fun terrain for your kitty cat. Not only is it made from recycled materials, it has an anti slip bottom but it’s also machine washable!

8. Sparkle Pom Poms These toys are another really simple basic item but the cats just love them. They are easy to carry around and many of our kittens have taught themselves to fetch with them. They are soft, colorful, eye catching and even have a little bounce to them. You’ll definitely want to stock up on these as they too easily find their way under the couch.

9. Crinkle Toys

Wow what a huge umbrella of toys. You have crinkle balls, crinkle bags, crinkle paper, plus crinkle stuffed animals and more! I love them all and so do the cats. The crinkle balls have similar appeal as the sparkle balls. They are light, eye catching and great toys for fetching with the added stimulation of the crinkle sound.

Crinkle Bags are fun as well. The cats and kittens can hide or sleep in them. They are fun for throwing other toys into or just having some noisy fun.

Similar to the Bags are crinkle paper. This toy typically is a sensory item for human babies but they work the same for cats and kittens. We have many kittens that like to carry it around, fetch it or rabbit kick it.

Finally I really enjoy the crinkle animals too mainly because they are super cute. We have a party pig, fox, elephant, monkey, frog….ok i had to get them all. They come in so many colors, fabrics and some even have a squeaker

10. Teething Bibs

Recently I switched from two fabriced tag blankets made by a friend who could no longer make them due to COVID to human baby teething bibs. My tag blankets were not only perfect for redirecting biting and scratching when my babies learned about their teeth and claws, but they were the perfect scent soakers and enrichment toys. When I switched to the teeth bibs, they did all this and more! The cats and kittens loved wearing them around their neck, fetching and playing with them! You can’t beat all the cute fabrics you can choose from!

Man was it hard to just pick 10 toys and cat accessories. If you asked me to rank them that would be harder! The cats and kittens have so many favorites that are continuous hits! We are always finding new and fun toys to keep everyone stimulated in an enriching environment. The pet Toy industry is truly amazing with its continue outpour of cat related items but when it comes to toys nothing is off limits. Baby, toddler and dog toys are fantastic as well!

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