LibertyBengals Red Whisper 

Born September 15, 2017

Xanthe joined Elysian Bengals on December 7, 2017 at almost 3 months old. Xanthe is a beautiful G8 seal spotted lynx (tabby) point with a tan rosettes . Her coat is exceptionally soft and is nicely glittered. She has stunning blue eyes and adorable spots on her feet. Xanthe is very spunky, affectionate and curious. Xanthe's mother is a beautiful long and lean seal spotted lynx (tabby) point and her father is a handsome seal spotted mink (tabby) point. 


Xanthe is named after the greek word for yellow. We liked the name before we knew she was Liberty Bengal's yellow collared girl. Xanthe also is named after Sister Xanthe,  a character is the world of Warhammer. Her show name Red Whisper is also a reference to Warhammer. Red Whisper is a fallen angel We also wanted to pay tribute to her mother OasisBengals Scarlett Flare.

Thank You Jessica of Liberty Bengals for this gorgeous girl! 

HCM screened: (To young to Test schedules for September 12)  Both Parents screened in normal ranges 2017

pKD tested by Optimal Selection (Genoscoper): N/N 

PRA-b test by Optiminal Selection (Genocoper): N/PRA

Color Tested by Optimal Selection (Genoscope):  A/A B/B cs/cs D/d (carries for dilute

Long Haired Gene: Non carrier

Awaiting Marble Test

Glitter: Is Glittered


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Please click the following link to view Xanthe's Optimal Selection test results which includes color, PRA-B, PK-def, hair length, blood type and much more

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