Elysian Bengals has a unique process of offering kittens. There is a process we strictly follow to avoid delaying families from finding the perfect kitten.

Inquiries are directed to fill out a kitten application. This allows us to get to know you and your family and ask a series of basic questions that can lead to further conversation. 

If your application is approved you will be placed on our one of two waiting list of your choice as indicated on the application (if we do not already have a kitten you are interested in.)










































a) Our Standard waiting list is a general list. It consists of all approved applications and details gender, color and pattern potential kitten owners are looking for. It is a fee free waiting List allowing you to recieve kitten offers before the general public.


When we have a kitten available we will contact you via email or through our business page if we have been conversing there.


Each member will be contacted based on what they are looking for in regards to gender, color and pattern. MEMBERS WITH MORE SPECIFIC REQUESTS WILL BE CONTACTED OVER THOSE THAT DON’T CARE ABOUT COLOR, PATTERN OR GENDER WITHIN REASON. Generally, we do follow the exact order of our list. 

We have a silver marble male available. There are 3 people on the waiting list

1. Sally wants a silver spotted male
2. Jack wants a silver or seal lynx female
3. Joe wants a silver of whichever gender and pattern
4. Jane wants a silver marble male 

Jane will be contacted first than Joe than Sally. 

You have 48 hours to accept or decline a kitten, which will be reiterated in our contact as a reminder. You may actively ask questions that may extend the 48 hours. If we do not hear from you we will move on on our waiting list and inform you as such. 

If you DECLINE a kitten, you may be asked to be removed from the waiting list otherwise you remain on the list and will not lose your spot. 

B) Our Premier Waiting List is a"fast pass" waiting list. A $200 non-refundable fee (which is applied to the deposit and purchase price) is placed to get first choice of a kitten from a specific pairing, exclusive access to pictures, videos, information and events via our Premier Kitten Club

Once an application is approved and your pairing(s) are chosen, you will be added to the waiting list in the order of application approval. A live exclusive video party will occur on a set date at which time members of the list can choose their kitten. You must choose or pass on the litter during this live event. 

If you DECLINE a kitten, you may be asked to be removed from the waiting list otherwise you must choose another litter/pairing. This may affect where you are placed on the  list.

If you ACCEPT a kitten you will read and sign our contract and place a deposit

b) You can then place a $500 (or remaining balance if on our Premier Waiting List) non-refundable deposit via an INVOICE ELYSIAN BENGALS SENDS. We accept cash, card (ran through square), check, paypal and venmo.

c) Once a deposit is placed a kitten is solely reserved for you. The price cannot increase OR decrease.

d) You will receive on a weekly basis updated pictures of your kitten and a live video will be recorded generally on Fridays unless noted otherwise.

This information can also be found on throughout out website, on our facebook business page and a note is made on our kitten application before submission.


Please review our Purchasing a Kitten Page for more information 




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Kitten Application
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