Elysian Bengals has chosen not to vaccinate its kittens before they leave for their new homes but rather put this in the hands of their new owners. We have done extensive research on the topic and weighed the risks and benefits of doing so. After much thought, we have decided minimal or no vaccinations produce a longer living, happier and healthier cats. In addition to a quality raw diet, a low-stress environment and plenty of enrichment we believe a natural and holistic approach is the healthiest way for us to care for our cats and kittens. Below is some information about vaccinations but we would be happy to discuss the topic further or direct you to our veterinarians Dr. Patricia Jordan or Dr. Elizabeth pantzer. We have also compiled a resources page to provide you with more information on vaccinations and other topics.

In Short


1.) Vaccines contain dangerous carcinogens and disease-causing chemicals such as mercury and formaldehyde.  


2.) Vaccines are often made by infecting healthy laboratory animals including dogs, cats, and horses.  


3. Vaccines are often made on cat, dog, cow, monkey and other animals’ kidney’s, brains and other organs often resulting in autoimmune problems or the body attacking itself.


4.) Combination vaccines can often overwhelm the body and weaken the immune system causing long term health problems.


5. Vaccine doses are the same for a 5lb cat as it is for a 150 lbs dog


6. Vaccinations are often injected directly into the body by-passing normal immune system checks and balances.


7.) Vaccinations can cause symptoms similar to the disease they are supposed to be fighting such as sneezing, coughing, asthma, and chronic nasal discharge.  They may also contribute to digestive problems and in the case of Feline Leukemia, cancer itself. Other diseases provoked include allergies and skin problems, seizures, neurological conditions and limb weakness etc. These reactions can occur within 30 minutes of an injection or years later. They may also cause the exact disease that is being treated against. 


8.) Repeated exposure to vaccines can cause toxic build up and lead to serious chronic disease, cancer or even death.




Although we have thoroughly researched the good, bad and ugly of vaccinations, we have determined it is better to leave these decisions to our kittens’ new owners. We highly recommend researching this topic on your own including the resources we have provided

Of course with anything in this world, there are exceptions, there are risks and benefits. You must make a decision based on what you feel is less risky. That being said Elysian Bengals will NOT be held responsible for any illness incurred as a result of vaccinating or NOT vaccinating.

We recognize this view is not that of many. We encourage you to do your own research on the topic and make the best decision for your family and your kitten.

*Note in the state of north carolina, rabies is not legally required until 4 months of age or 16 weeks. For more information on how we raise our kittens please view Natural Rearing

We do follow local and state laws for vaccinations with our breeding cats

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