The therapeutic value that animals of all kinds have on human health and emotional state is absolutely amazing! Therapy work can be very enriching to an animals life as well often giving purpose. We began therapy work when we adopted Remy, one of our rescue cats. She had such an amazing, down to earth and relaxed personality that we thought we would try therapy work with her. We first began by bringing her to our local pet store where she certainly put on a show. She was fantastic with children, special needs individuals, the elderly and even many other animals including dogs. You could tell she really enjoyed going on outings and meeting new people. People even started asking for her by name and lit up every time they saw her. Bengals are so much more than a pretty face so here at Elysian Bengals we strive to produce cats that are trained and seasoned to also be cats of therapy work. 

For many therapy programs, a cat can be evaluated for certification starting at a year of age. Currently we do not have any cats at Elysian Bengals certified to provide therapy services but we have one Elysian Bengal in training. Elysian Bengals is currently finding the perfect therapy group to work with.