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"being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods"


All of our Specially Priced Kittens come with everything our regular prices kittens come with including specialized socialization and TLC. 

Our Specially Priced Kittens tend to be kittens that are older, there are a few that may be special needs but it will be noted


$1000 or $500 when adopted with another kitten 

Meet Gyrados, a handsome Bengal boy with a stunning brown (black) marble coat. With pitch-black markings that beautifully contrast against his soft fur, Gyrados exudes an air of elegance. While he may be quiet by nature, Gyrados is incredibly affectionate and loves to shower his humans with love and gentle purrs. He thrives in a group setting with other cats and gets along famously with both male and female cats of all ages. Gyrados's playful side emerges when he's presented with spring toys and feather wands, captivating everyone with his agile movements and endless entertainment. With Gyrados as your feline companion, you'll experience the perfect blend of tranquility, companionship, and joyful playfulness.


$500 or $250 when adopted with another kitten 

Meet Bane, a captivating Bengal boy with a mesmerizing brown black marble coat. His soft and tightly knit pelt adds a touch of luxury to his appearance. The first thing that catches your attention is his big round eyes, which add depth and charm to his face. Bane is a shy boy who thrives in a patient and understanding family environment, as it takes him a little while to build trust. He truly shines in the company of other cats, getting along well with both males and females of any age. Bane has a hearty appetite and absolutely loves to eat, making mealtime a delight. With Bane as a part of your family, you'll discover a gentle and endearing companion who brings joy and harmony to your home solidified by a strong bond .



Meet Providence Picasso, a stunning Bengal girl with a beautiful black silver spotted coat. With her confident and outgoing personality, she's a true social butterfly. Providence is incredibly friendly and loves to interact with people and her feline companions. Her beautiful round and curious eyes reflect her inquisitive nature and add to her charm. Playful and affectionate, Providence enjoys rough and tumble playtime with her brothers.

It's important to note that Providence has a condition called flat chested kitten syndrome. The exact cause, whether genetic or other factors, is unknown. However, she is already covered by pet insurance with a 90% reimbursement plan, providing peace of mind for her future care (which is minimal). While she may require follow-up x-rays and may get more winded during play compared to other kittens, it's expected that Providence will lead a completely normal and fulfilling life. Her condition does not hinder her zest for life or her ability to bring joy to those around her. With Providence as part of your family, you'll experience the love and resilience of a remarkable feline companion.



Meet Nazar Jasper, an impressive black silver marble Bengal male with a commanding presence. Nazar's large, solid build and dark dense markings make him a truly remarkable and visually striking feline.

With his sweet and gentle nature, Nazar Jasper is sure to steal your heart. While he may possess a more laid-back demeanor, his affectionate personality shines through in every interaction. He enjoys the quieter moments, reveling in the joy of gentle petting and heartfelt cuddles. Nazar is the epitome of a gentle giant, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to any household.

Whether you're looking for a serene companion to share peaceful evenings or a gentle soul to bring balance to your home, Nazar Jasper is the perfect choice. His laid-back nature and affectionate disposition make him an ideal addition to any loving family.