Elysian Bengals is a T.I.C.A registered, Natural Rearing cattery located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina surrounded by breath taking views and fresh air! Our cattery was expertly designed with our cats in mind. We wanted a space that was open, clean and full of natural sunlight. While our handsome studs are housed in our cattery space, all of our queens and their kittens live and are raised in our own home right upstairs. 


Bengals are extremely intelligent and need enrichment to prevent boredom so we make sure the cattery and the house is equipped with lots of cat trees, climbing structures, wheels, and toys modeled after Jackson Galaxy's Catification concepts. We even carefully planned and placed bird feeders and other nature-friendly meeting places outside cattery windows so our Bengals have constant access to quality Kitty TV!



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If you would like to visit our cattery, please keep in mind that this is limited and we have strict policies in place to ensure the health of our cats and kittens.


We do our very best to avoid illness and disease in our cattery which can spread quickly among our adults and little kittens. Please keep in mind:


  1. If you own cats or other pets, you are bringing their germs good and bad into contact with our cats including illness and disease

  2. If you have visited another cattery, shelter or foster home you may be bringing disease they may have into our cattery including FIP, distemper other illness or even bugs and parasites (fleas, ticks, worms etc.)

  3. We do not allow outside cats into our cattery nor send out our cats which includes any type of stud services.  

    Elysian Bengals is a Closed Cattery. There are many reasons we have made this hard decision. We understand this may seem strange for some searching pet owners, but this decision was thoroughly thought through. We hope the following will give you some insight:

    1. Our cattery is physically in our home so while this is a business of sorts and we don't have kids (yet) this is our home so that is first and foremost important. 

    2. We live 3000 feet in the mountains with almost no neighbors so if something were to happen that would be a problem

    3. Illness and disease can spread fast. While you can control the cats you bring in through testing (PCR, screenings, blood tests, exams etc.) that is much harder with potential families and their pets. If they have visited a shelter recently or rescue that can also bring in unwanted illness and disease that could very heavily affect newborns for example

    4. We socialize extensively but when hormones are involved in, pregnant moms and their babies could be extremely stressed out even if they only can hear new people in the home

    5. There have been numerous issues where upset breeders or customers come after A breeder. this can be robbery including stealing cats, stalking people, taking pictures or showing up at people's homes, even murdered breeders. We personally don't want to take those risks. 

    6. That being said transparency is still really important to me. I take pictures weekly, I do weekly live videos in my home so you see most of it anyway, I do skype tours and meetings, phone calls, I will meet people at a mutual location to see a kitten or kittens when they are 8 weeks old etc

    7. It's important to know that not all breeders that are closed catteries are shady or trying to hide something. Most are just trying to keep their families and their cats safe.


We are happy to provide plenty of pictures, video walkthrough, skype sessions and answer any questions you may have about us, the cattery or the cats and kittens in attempt to not only be transparent, but to keep our cats and kittens free from illness and disease as well as other unforeseen issue.


Welcome to Elysian Bengals
Welcome to Elysian Bengals

Our cattery space is a deluxe space just for our handsome boys!

Leisure and Play
Leisure and Play

While the room is 14 feet x 28 feet, we have dedicated half of it to leisure and play!

Ripple Rug
Ripple Rug

A fun place for the kittens to dive in and out of, tunnel and play.

Welcome to Elysian Bengals
Welcome to Elysian Bengals

Our cattery space is a deluxe space just for our handsome boys!