Rowan Let it Goooo

Born December 20, 2013
Retired July 10, 2020

Elsa joined Elysian Bengals on January 12, 2017 at 4 years old. Elsa is a beautiful G9 Seal silver spotted/marble lynx (tabby) point with tan rosettes . Her coat is exceptionally soft. She has a fantastically friendly and affectionate personality. Her name is definitely fitting as she is  a princess which includes sitting at the very top of the cat trees.  Elsa's parents (which includes on stud Rummi) are both beautiful seal silver spotted/marble lynx (tabby) point.


As you may have guessed Elsa is named after Queen Elsa of Arendelle who is a fictional character in the Disney Movie Frozen. She famously is also know to sing Let It Go in the film as well.

Thank You Joshua for this gorgeous girl! 


PROS: Strong Chin, Nice Chin to Nose Alignment, Vibrant Eyes, Medium Length, Thicker Tail, Rounder Ear Tips, Medium Whisker Pads


ALC Descendents:

Centerwall Asian Leopard Cats

Baghara-Sergura Khan of Kent

Kabuki of Millwood


Stoney of Hatfield ALC

Art Deco of Lionsmountain

Kibuki of Bengaline

HCM screened: Screened Normal on June 8, 2019 by North Carolina State University 

pKD tested by UC Davis: N/N 

PRA-b tested kittens by Optiminal Selection (Genocoper): N/PRA

Color Tested via test pairing and testing kittens:  most likely A/A B/B cs/cs D/D I/-

Marble: Carries for Sheet Marble 

Glitter: Carries for Glitter

COI: 24.7% via Bengal Data

Genetic Diversity: ?



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Established Via Test Pairings and testing kittens