Rowan Unexpected Development

Born April 13, 2017

Cutie joined Elysian Bengals on January 12, 2018 at 9 months old. Cutie is a beautiful brown (black) marble tabby Her coat is exceptionally soft and plush. She has beautiful eyes that are an iridescent teal around the pupil surrounded by a copper. her personality is to die for. Cutie is certainly a fitting name. She is affectionate, friendly, loves cuddles and will be your little shadow where ever you go.

Cutie is just the sweetest little big-eyed girl that you will ever meet, so naming her cutie only seemed appropriate. Although we focus primarily on silvers and spotted bengals, Cutie is a brown (black) marble tabby She has many positive attributes and thus her unexpected development has been very rewarding. 

Thank You Joshua for this gorgeous girl! 

HCM screened: Screened Normal on 11/3/2018

pKD tested by UC Davis: N/N 

PRA-b test: N/PRA

Color Tested by: Awaiting results most likely A/A B/B C/cs D/d (carries for Seal Lynx Point and Dilute)

Marble: Is a Sheet Marble 



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