Bengals unfortunately are not legal everywhere, some locations or cities specifically have restrict and even some countries require special permits and documents for import and export even of domestic bengals. It's important to be aware of these such restrictions before committing to the purchase of a bengal buddy. is a database for US and International Laws for Ownership of Hybrid Cats and Dogs

*NOTE: information may not always be up to date so please do not solely rely on this information. PLease also be aware this not legal advice!

United State Fish and Wild Life Services has specific requirements for the import and export of Bengal cats. You can find them here

The following form is used to file for an import/export license via the U.S. Fish and Wild Life Services

The following is a list of approved ports for importing Bengal Cats into the United States

Please be aware that there is a generational limitation on needing a cites permit that is not described in the above documents. You can find further information here